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Our highlight: Auschwitz

On Tuesday the 24th of May we visit Auschwitz. We met at 8 o'clock in front of Zespół Szkół Techniczno-Informatycznych.

We drove two hours by bus in which it was very hot. When we arrived we were diveded into two groups, the polish and the germans. Before that we were sitting on the bench a few minutes. We got Radio Reciver with headphones to hear our travel guide. At first we went through the "Arbeit Macht Frei" gate. All of prisoners have to go through when they arrive to the camp. They cant escape from there cause it was surrouded by the electrified fence which was very high. Passing through the blocks we saw many exhibitions for example clothes, kitchen stuff and pictures of prisoners. Besides we went to the basements to see cells. The cells were devided to two groups: Standing and normal cells. There were cells of Edek Galiński and father Maksymilian Kolbe too. After that we visit the "Wall of Death" (this wall is rebuilded after the war) where standing many candles and flowers. At the end we went to the crematorium: gas chamber an the crematorium furnace. Then we went back to the place of the first meeting and drove to Birkenau.

In our opinion the trip was very intersting, exiting and impressive.