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Fabryka Schindler'a Highlight

On Wednesday we visited the "Schindler Museum" in Kraków. It is in the old factory of Oscar Schindler, who rescued many lifes of jewish people, by representing them as important labor forces.

At the windows in the entrance area of the museum, you can see photographs of the jewish people with her different names. We think that it was very impressive to get a personal impression of the people, to see their faces and to link them with a name. They aren't any longer name's without faces!

The Exhibition's

Development of the marketplace in the second world of war in Kraków

The Exhibition is divided in different room's and every room has an own topic. For example the polish history before the second world of war, one room is designed like the office of Oscar Schindler.

In one room, you can see different name's for one marketplace. At first it is called "Rynek Główny" the polish description of the place. After the beginning of the second world of war and the conquest of poland they change the name into "Alter Markt" and after that into "Adolf Hitler Platz". It shows the development during the second world of war. We think it is a good example to show, that the second world of war had influence on the polish history.

Totally we want to explain, why the Schindler Museum is our highlight of the last five days. We think that it is very important remember the history of the second world of war and his victim's. They should not be forgotten. The Schindler museum is a very good possibility to remember them.