Jakub und Saskia Highlight

Aus Schüleraustausch Essen-Gliwice
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Our personal highlight: Opel faktory

It was the 3rd day of our stay in Poland. At 11:30 o`clock we visited the OPEL Factory in Gliwice, Poland, where we observed how a car is produced.

First we had to listen to a Power Point presentation about safety measures in a media room.
After that we had the chance to see how a car is build step by step. We went to the production hall, where we saw the first step of production: metal rollers were pressed into the different parts of the car body.
The pressing process is carried out by a machine. At the next step the different parts are submitted with each other by man. After that the complete car body is being welded together by a machine. The car bodys are painted in the next hall. In the next room the car accessories are added.

Jakub is fascinated by the robots that are in the factory, because they do their work and do not interfere with each other and he likes that the people who work at the OPEL factory, know how to make cars.

Saskia enjoyed the visit of the OPEL factory, because it was very interesting to see, what is done first when building a car. It was interesting too, that a car is build by many different people. Everyone does a little thing. Exiting was that the work safety in the Polish Opel plant is not less important than in Germany.