Lukas und Szymon Highlight

Aus Schüleraustausch Essen-Gliwice
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Our personal Highlight was the Ranch

Our group of polnish and german students

On 23.05.2011 after lunch we drove to a Ranch.It was a really sunny day.We arrived at 17 o'clock.We sat on benches at tables , and we played cards and drunk something.Some of the Polish and German students played on a different meadow Soccer and Volleyball.There were two crazy dogs which try to catch the ball and bite it. We stood in a circle and played the ball to us and made crazy tricks.Many of the Polish and German students were riding on a horse and had a lot of fun together .Simon washed five horses and Lukas rode a horse. At 19 o'clock we had a barbecue at the Ranch and ate bigos(composition of bigos:cabbage, meat,sausage, spices) and sausages togehter. Then we sat on the meadow and play guitar and some of the students sing to the songs.We like that we understand us very well together, although we have different languages. It was a really good day to learn something about each other.

The horse which Lukas rode