Marco and Adrian: Highlight

Aus Schüleraustausch Essen-Gliwice
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Auschwitz concentration camp
Auschwitz entrance.JPG


On tuesday 24th May 2011 our group drove with a bus to Ausschwitz to get to know a few information about one of the biggest tragedy, a genocide in Poland during the second world war. First the group was divided into two teams, the polish and the german. Then we start to visit the Ausschwitz concentration camp with a guide. While walking through the camp the guide shows us where and how people were imprisoned and discriminated against by the german nazis. We were allowed to take pictures of the whole area and the buildings including the quarters and so experienced like people for example the jewish had to suffer because of the insane ideology of Adolf Hitler and his supporters. The innocents were caught by raids in the cities all over europe and small parts of asian coumtries where they lived and delivered into trains to the death camp without any judical process. The people lived in constant fear of death and knew that they do not have a real chance to survive this phsical and mental torture. Her consolation was the soothing music of the self, founded orchestras, who simultaneously was their only variety, the opportunity to relax and the only glimmer of hope.

Why we chose this trip as our highlight

We take the view that Ausschwitz is a place which everybody should visit in order to find out the truth about the german concentration camps and to get to know the circumstances the people had to lived in. Besides we think that such a horrrible tragedy just could be prevent if you know all facts and be enlightened about the manipulation. Finally we would like to finish our article with a very famous quotation by George Santayana: „Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”