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Aus Schüleraustausch Essen-Gliwice
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For us visiting Auschwitz was the most impressive excursion we did. All things you have heard about Auschwitz are horrible and in fact unbelievable. But while we heard about the things the nazis has done at the place it happend, they start getting more and more horrible and unbelievable: When we saw for example the hairs of the killed people in one of the houses in which the jews and the other people had to live, the words were nothing in according to see this. Also it was impressive to hear about the experiments the nazis has done and how they treat these people while being in Auschwitz. To our mind it was helpful that the camp looks like in 1945. Because of this you can imagine how it was to live with hundreds of people in a room witch was not much bigger than a classroom.

The crimes the nazis did, is connecting our countries Germany and Poland. These crimes are to horrible to forget and so it is our task to remember to Auschwitz. And the visit in this concentration camp is the best way to remember. We think that we will never forget this pictures: the hairs of the killed people; the small rooms in witch the people had to live; the fences around the area; and so on.

Talking about the national socialism is absolutely necessary but you often forget something but not if you have seen it with our own eyes.

And because of this it was our excursion highlight.