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What we did

Opel from the outside

At Monday the 23rd of May 2011 we visited General Motors Opel. We arrived there about 11.40 and waited for our guide.When she finally arrived,we went with her to a room and watched movie about GM,security,prohibitions and permissions.Only polish group could understand,what that guy was talking about,but Ms. Przywara translated it for german group. After that we took the goggles and headphones,beacuse without that we couldn't hear,what guide was talking to us.First place,which we visited,it was a press,where from the parts of steel the body of a car is being created.We saw,how the machines were heating and welding the parts and put them together.Also,we saw,how the restistance of those cars.The workers were checking with hammers and ultrasounds.We saw also machines,which checked geometry of cars,if they were proper,.When they weren't,the bodies of cars went to the trash.The finished bodies of cars went to the paint shop,but we couldn't see,how the body was painted,beacuse it was sterile and we weren't allowed to go inside.So,we went to Final Assembly building. We saw the assembly of the weels,car engine,windows,electronic devices and programm for those devices.At the end,the car was finished.The workers did tests of resistance for water,the speed and electronic,if eveything would work fine.So,our tour has ended and we have to give headphones and goggles back to our guide.After then we went to our bus and drove to school for a dinner.


The sign of Opel
  • It's the only one Opel factory in Poland,where the cars are produced here
  • There are produced Opel Astra III and Opel Astra IV
  • In 2013 there is gonna be produced a concept cabriolet
  • Few years ago,there was produced Opel Zafira
  • In factory there are 3,000 employees,in their middle and late thirties
  • There are produced up to 800 car per day
  • There are role changes between groups of workers in every two hours


The Opel Main Page

More information about the Opel(Wikipedia)


Why did we choose this place as our favourite? Beacuse: We love Cars and enjoy the trip and the stages of Production :)

We learned a lot of how the cars have been produced and why they're so expensive.